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everyone sign on at 500pm mountain time saturday and lets see how many people over we can beat the current record
sounds like fun..
yup anyone else in post here
Doesn't that sorta cheapen the record though? I mean the current record was set by chance, isn't that supposed to be the point? Just seems to me that if we schedule a time to set a record, then its really not a record... know what I mean?

ya but then that makes more people sign on at a time by family joining
Okay......... 5 mountain time... what time is that Eastern time???
YAY!!! I can make that! I'll be there unless something drastic happens, like, I die or... ***voice trails off***
I'm sooooo sorry I couldn't get on!!! I was so wrapped up in that Kenny Chesney CD I've been wanting for weeks that I finally got that I totally forgot... but... ***glances at forum stats***... it looks like I didn't miss anything... what... ?
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LOL sorry, thought the picture was funny... had to put it somewhere. ;-)
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The forum in the background... is that us?!!
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lol no i don't think so... i just happened to find this picture. (it was premade)
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Wow... sure is strikingly similar...