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Mar 23, 2002
Central Ohio
Ok, I do not expect this post will make me alot of friends or endear me to the powers that be - but I still feel it needs to be said.

Recently there was a disagreement over some things written here in the forums, bound to happen with people from all walks of life, age ranges and nationalities. But I have to disagree with the way it was handled - the 'Be Nice' motto only applied to one side of the disagreement - the other side being moderators and admin personnel did not seem to have to be nice. The person has now been banned - reminding me of the way another CP Forum handled it's disagreements. If that is the direction that the PFT forums are going I think I will go ahead and bow out now and remember it the way it was. It's been educational and fun.

This does not in any way impact the other things I am doing with the chat or the home.petflytrap.com stuff. Ram you can email me at pthiel@ecfactory.net and we can get the chat squared away.



It’s a trap!
Jul 30, 2002
Findlay, OH
One of the things that I see changing is that people have started very good posts that are well on topic. However, what has started to happen is that those posting start taking offense to things that are written if someone does not agree with them. I know that typing something does not always have the dynamics to suggest something was written in jest. Even using a
does not always suggest the comment was in jest and not to be taken personal. All things that are posted here can be read by anyone in the world. Keeping this in mind, things that are written can be taken different ways if we are not careful as to how they are worded.

A second problem is that when a topic starts to get out of hand, there is a post stating that the topic is off and should now be back on track. However, the very next post is why the person(s) should not have their posts or comments moderated. I started a topic when I first joined this forum and although it went on for awhile, I was told it was time to move on. I did so and have not commented on it since.

We will all disagree at some point, but continuing to argue about the disagreement does not make for friendly posts or situations.


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Nepenthes Specialist
Sep 7, 2001
Alexandria Bay, NY Z-5a
The insults to us moderators (particularly since a few mods were not verbally involved in the debate) is what angered me myself personally.

It would/will be a sad event to see you leave Pete.

Take care of yourself.

Rampuppy here, making an example... A post can not be edited by a moderator without leaving behind an 'edited by' tag from a moderator. We can not remove this, it is an automated feature of the forum, and I can gurantee you, if you don't see this, your post has not been edited by anyone other than yourself.

In this case, I edited a spelling mistake for my friend, (I have done this a few times for a few people, especially on thread titles) but it is the extent of the editing I, or any mod will do unless it is to remove off-topic content that is of an inflamatory nature.
Apr 23, 2003
houston, texas
Hi All,

I am new here and am not aware of everythng that might be involved in this problem but I wanted to say that to fresh eyes this site seems wonderfully inviting and friendly and any disagreements seem quite small and passing. There does not seem to be long standing feuds or personal grudges. I always look forward to reading what I find in the various forums. Maybe things were even better before but to new eyes they seem quite good today. If there are problems I hope they are passing. I thought an outsider's perspective might be helpful.

Jul 18, 2001
somewhere in NJ
The PFT forum community will miss you for what you have done to this community. It's just sad to hear a honorable CP grower leave due to the actions caused by some of the members of this community. Take care.


Jul 8, 2001
San Antonio, Texas; USA
Well, I did not want to come back to the forums after what happened this week, but I am kinda being forced too.

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Recently there was a disagreement over some things written here in the forums, bound to happen with people from all walks of life, age ranges and nationalities. But I have to disagree with the way it was handled - the 'Be Nice' motto only applied to one side of the disagreement - the other side being moderators and admin personnel did not seem to have to be nice.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

Yes, disagreements happen, but when someone takes to insulting the behavior of the moderators, whom I think all of you will agree have done right by you more often than not, it is no longer 'being nice'.

I totally disagree that the 'be nice' motto was one sided, at least one time, I think, a response was deleted as fast as it went up.

There is also a history present that many of you may not know about, conversations you may not know about, and decisions that concern the entire community that had to be taken into account.

I made a stern warning in that topic to bring it back on topic, no exceptions, that admonission was not heeded, not once, or twice, but three times. As you all know, when a mod deletes something, it should stay deleted.

This argument was not going to stop the way it was going, it was going to turn into another war. (which is not the first one this member has had here.)

Based on what I read, what I saw, past experience, and a lot of things many people did not see, and history they may not know, I ALONE made the decision to ban the member, not a single other mod was involved in it.

I understand the individual in question is now berating me on other forums and the CP Listserv, well, that is sad for this community as well. Obviously, being right and getting the last word in is more important.

So, Pete, if you feel you must leave because of this, please know that I am sorry, you are an un-intentioned casualty of an unwanted conflict. I am sorry it went as far as it did, however, not a single mod was the driving force behind keeping it alive in public, I tried my best to make the argument private, but it wouldn't happen.

I won't defend myself on this, I write this merely to explain that sometimes, not everyone knows the entire story. I have read what was written elsewhere, and it is NOT everything. If I need defending, I know there are plenty of people who will do a far better job of it than I.

Please Stay Pete, we value your knowledge and commitment to this community. I understand if you can't, but I assure you that that person was not banned for speaking their mind, but fore breaking the rules. I knew it wouldn't look good, but I can't decide not to enforce a policy just because it's not gong to look good. There were so many veins to this...

anyway... I could write so much more, and I have, and deleted it several times... I think this is enough.

Mar 4, 2001
There has now been more than enough discussion of this topic.
The original thread in question was deleted as it served no useful purpose once it went off topic. It was not deleted to censor anyone. It was deleted to end unnecessary conflict. Let's move on please and proceed with the purpose of the forums which is to educate and share information in a friendly and kind environment. Thank you.
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