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Re-potting the plant

Over the past several weeks, my plant has grown really really quickly. I'm concerned that I may have to move the plant to a bigger pot. Can anyone give me some tips as to how to do this?
You're going to have to wait until the plant goes into dormancy before you attempt to repot it: VFTs actively resent having their roots disturbed, and doing this could be fatal to the plant during the growing season. Unless someone here can give him some advice on doing it now, but I suggest waiting until dormancy.

Just my $0.02
ditto. Just to add to that.  Your vft does not need a big pot.  They only get so big so a 3 inch pot should do for a vft's life span. If you want you could put it into a 4 inch pot or a much bigger pot with other vfts I always found the neat to look at.

Hi Future -

What size pot is it in now?

I have had good luck with plastic cups at least 4 to 5 inches deep that I melt holes in the bottom of with a soldering iron. Here is a little trick I do: whenever I have repotted, some of the traps always close up on bits of soil. So now, I catch and feed bugs to all the open traps before repotting.

I recently gave a talk on "Propagating VFTs" that you may be interested in - I also talked about repotting there. You can download the handout & see photos at the New England Carnivorous plant Society website, www.NECPS.org. The photos are under the section, "The Ever Popular Venus Flytrap".

I hope this helps.

I have found that transplants may be done at any time if care is taken not to damage the roots in the process. All I do is turn the pot upside doen in my cupped palm, and rap the bottom firmly once or twice. The entire mass comes out. Try to keep this all together, and dont let the mass crumble. Have a larger pot of medium with a hole the same size as the root ball, and place the whole mass in its new home in one motion. GENTLY press around the surface to set the plant in, and top water to settle it all in. If needed add some medium to the sides and top. I have never lost a plant through transplant in any season. You might want to keep it out of full sun for a week so as not to stress it.