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I got a small x Rokko some time ago that was made from a cutting, and the stem is long. I was wondering if I could plant it in a larger pot, and bury it deeper so it would look better.

i wouldn't bury it any deeper than i had to. remember off shoots will come from it sooner or later. with putting it into a bigger pot i don't see why ya can't is it root bound or getting close to it?
You mean that it has a long stem from the cutting and the new shoot is way up high on it?  And your wanting it to look more normal with a rosette growing from the soil?

This is typical when taking a cutting.  Yes you can bury it deeper.  I would be careful about putting it in a very oversized pot though as you don't want to dramatically increase the chances of root rot.  If it is really out of proportion then you can make another cutting from the top of the new shoot when it is large enough.

Or do you mean the vine has elongated now and alot of leaves around the bottom portion are gone and you want to tidy it up? Yes you can plant it deeper to reduce the amount of bare lower stem. However! Keep in mind that many Nepenthes will form lateral shoots around the base of the plant when the main vine gets long. You may inhibit this by planting it deeper. Also it is nearly impossible to keep up with a vining Nepenthes by steadily planting it deeper and deeper. At some point you will need to adjust to the fact that you will have a long bare vine with a plant way at the top (and hopefully some basal shoots growing up also) or you can make cuttings before they get too far into this phase.

Hope that helps!