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Rare cps

I only have common cps but i would like to get some less common ones but i don't know what to get. So, i was just wondering what rare cps you guys have. Thanks!!

I think the rarest cp I have is S.oreophilla.
the top 3 rarest ones I have are rajah, oreophylla, and sarracenia alata 'black' x flava 'red'.
oh, and the rarest of the rarest: Drosera capensis!
well it depends on what you mean is rare , you can mean rare as not many people have it or you can mean rare as a very old cp or your first cp or a cp that you have that has a speical charateristic that is not natural . what i think that i have is rare is :

50 year old vft
s. oreophila
heliamphora heterodoxa x minor
brocchinia reducta
genlisea hispidula
and drosophyllum seeds
if by CP you mean Carnivorous Pets i've gots a rare one fer ya....staight outa syberia, i call her vicious.
1000% beast
Nepenthes Rajah, Nepenthes hamata, Cephalotus follicularis 'German Giant', Sarracenia alabamenensis (AL001 and AL003) . I am soon aquiring a Nepenthes lowii!!  
Goldtrap, a 50 year old VFT? I am not sure if i belive that one...my rarest cp's are:

N. Fusca
H. Minor x Heteradoxa
D. Muscipula 'sawtooth'

I have mostly commons besides these.
I would say mine are Sarracenia alabamensis, Sarracenia oreophila, and Nepenthes campanulata.
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mine is probably a ventrata
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I was going to say my S. alabamensis, but now that we've all got some, maybe they're not so rare anymore!

I have n.lowii seedlings
and I have an s.oreophila

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For me, it's:


Drosera gigantea grown from seed - I hope they make it through their first dormancy...

Drosera macranthra, from seed

Nepenthes northiana x veitchi, from seed - I'm especially proud of this one since of all the seeds, only 3 sprouted and of those 2 died.

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I think a rare Cp would be one that few people have, such as hybrid you made yourself, or new variety you discovered.

I have:

D. Muscipula 'Creeping Death'
D. Muscipula 'Maroon Trap'

D. Muscipula 'Maroon Trap' is a variant of the common 'red dragon'. I discovered it myself. It has solid maroon traps and light green leaves. I'm thinking of crossing it with my 'Creeping Death'.


EDIT: I also have Cephalotus 'Giant', but I know a lot of people have it by now.
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S. oreophila
S. purpurea ssp. purpurea var. montana
U. humboldtii
U. alpina
U. reniformis 'small flowered form'
D. sessilifolia
D. petiolaris (not so rare I guess)
Maybe D. stenopetala, and D. glandulgera (if they sprout)

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Drosera uniflora
Drosera darwiniensis
Drosera silvicola
Drosera anglica temperate form: (this is a manmade hybrid done by Ivan Snyder which he did not distribute other than to me, so there are really only a few plants of it on Earth).
Utricularia quelchii

Rare is relative, but these are seldom seen.
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i got the 50 year old vft from BobZ in a trade , althought i'm not 50 years old . lol .
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Heh heh.  The only plant i have that i've never heard of anyone else having is a Nepenthes x'Cantleyi'.    Strange because it's a hybrid of two fast growing plants.

VFT 'Fang'  
VFT 'Pink Venus'  
VFT 'Royal Red' (currently just slightly bigger than a strange quark).

Oh yeah... sort of have a hamata.

Stay tuned for some interesting new possible additions to the collection, though!