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Rajah has side shoots

I noticed the other day that my N. rajah has two smaller plants growing either from the soil right next to it or from some side buds right next to the soil. It wouldn't surprise me if it were a large plant but I just got this plant a couple months ago and it's only 4" or so across (not including pitchers). Is this a defect from tissue culture (I've heard of some TC specimens making numerous offshoots) or  caused by transporting stress or... ?

Here's a bad photo of the largest offshoot which is growing just under the main plant-the other is on the other side and is too small to have a photo come out-there is 3 rd much smaller rosette only 1-2 CM in size forming as well!  It's totally crazy!

Sometimes when a plant is subject to too much BAP in TC it will take a while to adjust and ends up growing lots and lots of side shoots even after it is out of the lab for a while. However I have seen this with nearly every rajah I have. I believe it is just the way the species is..

btw your rajah is seed grown so hasn't been subjected to any hormones even if the seed were sown in a lab. It is looking nice and healthy too!

It's pretty cool! Any idea when can I remove them and pot them up give them the individual care they should enjoy? Will rajah continue to do this thoughout it's life?
O one of Tony's Rajah.
Any yeah Josh my Rajah is nearly 6 inches across and has 2 side rossettes. Just a goofy thing Rajah has a perk for doing to aggravate it's owner I suspect.
j/k But you should NOT seperate them for a loong while or at least until you KNOW FOR A FACT that they have roots of thier own. Then they can be sperated from the main stem an potted up. Kinda a nice thing a rare plant does for you, makes more of itself!
BTW, those are some nice side shoots! Mine are now increasing in size also.
This is something I've seen happen many times, particularly with small specimens of N. rajah
from TC. My experience has been that the small offshoots can simply be cut free of the main
stem, whether or not they have roots of their own. Then, if the removed material has no roots,
it may be prepared as a regular cutting and placed in damp sphagnum, where it will grow new roots. It's generally very easy to get small cuttings like this to root.

I've done this many times, and have grown some of the rajah propagants out to nice size.
This circumstance also yields material which one may use to test new compost mixes, etc.