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Today i came home from school......i walked in the door, put my stuff down and walked out to my deck where my carnivorous plants thrive.......i loook over to my VFT......AND IT HAS 1 HEAD LEFT!!!! AND THEY WERE CLEANLY CUT OFF!!!! SOMEONE CUT THEM OFF AND I THINK IT WAS MY STEP DAD!!!!!! ERRRRRRRRR!!!! I HATE HIM!!!!!!!............anyway...it was raining alot today....do you think the rain could have weighed teh traps down enough so that they fall off...the only trap that was left didn't ahve it's mouth up in the air.....it seems like a possiblility but it may be the truth.
Wow...ouch! Have you asked your step Dad or anyone else in the house? I don't think rain could do that, it sounds like your vft was trimmed. Be calm though, there is a possibility that whoever did it looked at your plant and maybe didn't understand completely what they were looking at. Whoever it was may have thought they were helping you by caring for it. Maybe they thought the traps didn't look healthy. Could've just been a mis-understanding. But it's always best to talk things out rather than get assume intentions and get angry.
Man, that stinks! Unless you had hail, it wasn't the weather. It COULD have been and animal...Squirls, cats, dogs, even some birds looking for bugs. No nescessarily a person.
I had a bird tear up 2 beautiful leucophylla pitchers

If it was cleanly cut, then it was the work of a human!
It couldn't have been an animal cuz it was too clean of a cut...and the leaves taht fell off were soooo healthy.My Parents KNOW not to mess with my stuff......at least there are some good sprouts on it. Oh yeah another reason it couldn't be someone who thought it was unhealthy is the only trap left was turning black and it was not facing upqard...it's been raining extremely hard lately so i think it may have been the rain.
I would hunt him/her down and shoot them like a dog.
I agree with carnivorous newbie. My father used to do sh!t like that because he was trying to be helpful. He also pawned my coin collection Hmmmmm....... Maybe you should confront him on it in front of your mom and ask them in the nicest of ways to ask you before touching your plants.
My stepdad would kill me if i did that. But if my step dad would have done it....it would not have been to help it.
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Thats too bad about the plant, but I would think that more than likely it would have been a person who wanted to try to grow their own vft. Thats why they left you one so the plant wouldn't die completely, and they needed lots of cuttings to try to grow. Rain wouldn't be able to cut them cleanly like that. Plus if it was your old man he probably cut them in bunches and not one at a time. Look to see if they are all even stumps or diff lengths.
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The peices that were cut off were laying beside the plant and the only trap left was going black.
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Maybe it was to cold for it ?