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Hi. same rules and prizes as the other "questions" in sundews and pitcher plants
what species of utrics have flowers that look like bunny rabbits?
also you can ask questions about utrics, aldrovanda, and Glenisea
whitch species of utricularia has the largest flowers?
come on! help me guys! some of you make up questions!
There is a red Australian form of Aldro.
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1... whitch species of utricularia has the largest bladders?...

2... true or false...

aquatic utrics can often be found in bromiliads
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The answer to 1 is: U. humboldtii and U. arnhemica hold a tie for the largest traps
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i thought largest flowers went to something like alpina or longifolia... or a simialar species...
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i would guess humboldtii for #1 and no for #2...
since they sometimes grow in bromeliads, but not all
but i dont know~
i just wanna know the answers so ill know more about cps haha

hmm i wanna ask a question...haha
true or false? Utrics are hard to propagate because their leaves are so small.
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Uuuuum... You mean the leaves? You told me welwhichsiii has really small leaves... I know i cant spell it, but is that it?
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Olivacea is probably the runner up, but the smallest species is U. quinquedentata. The leaves are 0.2-0.5mm wide and 1.5-3mm long, and Taylor describes the peduncle as "only a little thicker than a hair on my head, and often less than half as thick as one from my beard". The flower is about 2mm long.
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humboldtii & nelumbifolia both grow in bromeliads (& my greenhouse!&#33
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come on people, more questions!

describe the atomy of a bladderwort. (something like first the stolon, then a root system, then some bladders)

describe the atomy of a bladder

describe how the bladder catches insects and small creatures