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Hi. Same rules and prizes in the other "questions" in the other areas
true or false:

Borneo has 38 species of Nepenthes
how many species of nepenthes are known?I don't know the answer,but someone should
oh and include species #1-7 (species not yet named)
how many fangs has been known to be on Bicalcarata?2,4,6,8,10
usually two,but I found a triple fanged bicalcarata!
hint: you will find the answer if ya go to nepenthes collage
nepenthes collage? hmmmmmm...I'll go there and come back in four years with the answer! and the degree of all species.(is there such thing?lol)
or is there really a Nepenthes collage?a website?
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there is 80 different known neps.The last time i checked.............
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acording to savage garden there are 105 total # of species
32 borneo
21 sumatra
11 malay peninsula
10 philippines
10 new guinea
9 sulawesi
5 indochina
1 australia
1 new caledonia
1 sir lanka
1 assam india
1 seychelles
2 madagascar
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George I think you'll find those numbers are just the total number of species in each of those countries, not the number of endemic species in each country.

For example, the single species that is found in Australia is N mirabilis, it is also found in heaps of other places like Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Cheers, Troy.
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Troy NO! *I* wanted to sound smart!!! I just fount that out yesterday while looking at that website... errr... the one with all the neps in their natural habitats, and it has their locations... Grrr... I was gonna use that example too! Hehehe...
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True or False

"I have brown hair"

The answer is on this site somewhere...

(And if it has got to be a nep question...)

Name a species that exists in symbiosis with a Nepenthes (and that Nepenthes) I know it's easy... but I came up with it on the fly...

There are TWO that I know of off the top of my head...
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ok to answer the n. bicalcarata there has been 6 fangs seen from one pitcher

rampuppy your hair is black from your picture on with your name
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first, I thought that the 6 fang Bical was considered a photoshop hoax?

and second... nope... my hair is NOT black...
(might want to adjust your contrast!
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from reading in the nep. university mike does tell about a 6 fang Bical. if it is a hoak i don't know there isn't a pic to prove it just his word. i will e-mail him in a min. and find out.
hey pass the salt dinner being cooked
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well, I could be thinking of something else... there was a sight up a while back a lot of people here just detested (the one with that fed a mouse to a nepenthes, and then spilled the slosh all over for a pic later) (I know it's not Nepenthes College) any how, on that site I think they had a bunch of pictures or 'rare' plants, and many had been identified as cleverly manipulated photoshop hoaxes through comparing to other sites origional pics...

I am probably confusing their claim to a multi-fanged nepenthes with Nepenthes Colleges... (which is reputable enough for me to believe)
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I know that site. It's the San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society. In fact, during the summer, I payed the site's owner a visit. Nice guy. He gave me a couple of nepenthes cuttings. AS for that picture..., well it's probably best that I don't state my opinion.