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Questions about miracle grow?

I just purchased some miracle grow for acid loving plants. Do I just spray it on the leaves. Will it hurt the plant if some of it gets on the soil. I have never tried this before, but my plants are in a terrarium and they do not get feed any insects. Thanks for all your help.
There is one easy rule to reme,ber when it comes to fertilizing cp's . Don't. That will kill it very quick. Miracle grow = death for cp's.

If you want to fertilize you will need to get some orchid fertilizer. I'm not sure what kind cause I don't use any.
I purchased a copy of the savage garden, and in it the author says using acid loving fertilizers on flytraps had good results for him. This miracle grow is specially made for acid loving plants, just like he said in the book. have you tried this yourself.
Fertilizer is somewhat of a grey area... For some CP's it can really make a big difference. For others it can do more harm than good. I would recommend you don't use it if you can avoid it. Catch a few insects and give them a treat every once in a while and you will be set. But if you are tempted to try other types of feeding then do so cautiously. And be prepared to potential seriously harm/kill your plants. One thing to keep in mind when using in an enclosed system like a terrarium. The salts will not be flushed away, so repeated use will eventually cause an excessive accumulation.

peter d'amato really needs to edit that book , the info in there is not really good .
Thanks for all your help. I think I will try it out on one of my common flytraps. I know in the book he says you have to dilute the fertilizer, so I will give it a shot.
Of all the articles I have only read only a few recommended fertilizing VFTs.  The rest of them said don't.  One of the pro-fertilizer articles recommended applying the fertilizer solution directly to a few leaves with a q-tip (cotton swab) or small paint brush.  This would prevent the fertilizer getting into the soil where it could damage the sensitive roots of a VFT.
Good Luck!

I just got finished with emailing Peter at California Carnes about this. I will post what he has to say, that is if he answers me back. I asked him if he still suggests using fertilizers on flytraps. I also asked him about applying it with a cotton swab like BigCarnivourKid suggested. Thanks....
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Hi all:

I agree that directly apply the fertiliser to CP's is a grey area. Unless you are more than confident to use it and are happy to experiment a few. My advice is to put it on hold for a while until you are confitable of experimenting. For first timers in this area, it is best to do without.

This is a very big topic(fertiliser and the mechanism of salt build up), it will take too long to discuss and is beyond the scope of this topic, so I will stop here. In general if you are not confitable with it, don't use it until you know what you are doing and are happy to let some of your CP die in the process.

I hope there will be a specific topic for this area...


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Zoey, if you haven't done it already, make sure you REALLY REALLY dilute the fertiliser.
I wouldn't risk using it at all though - bugs are fertiliser for flytraps. Their roots are unlike other plants and are not designed to take up nutrients.
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I agree with alvin, if to use it, you should really dilute the strenght down. However, it is best to avoid using it if you have not done it before. As I said before, doing things like this is likely to kill a few plants if not experience in doing so.

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Here is what Peter emailed me on this topic.

Hi There: Yes, apply foliarly 1/4 strength, about once monthly should be
fine, but insects occasionally are even better, or at least should be supplemental. Seeya. Peter

I am going to try it on one of my plants.
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I've seen Peter's collection of plants, and thus would take what he says seriously. Nobody knows everything about everything, and he, like everyone, can make mistakes. But I've found his book to be of incredible help, and his vft's look fabulous in person.

Having said that, I would still go find a bug and give it to the vft. I took special delight the other night in killing a mosquito and giving it to a hungry trap. They don't need that much in the way of bugs. In other words, you don't need to feed every trap. If one trap has a bug at any given time, that's plenty.