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Pygmy sundews

Anyone know how many different types of pygmy sundews there are? I'm also trying to find out where to pick up seeds, or a few tiny ones.
Ahhh, such an innocent question. The answer depends on which taxonomist you happen to favor. Mr. Allen Lowerie says one thing, Dr. Jan Schlauer says another. If you go with Dr. Schlauer's CP Database there are some 53 species, subspecies and varieties in Section Bryastrum.

Allen Lowerie has lived with the plants in Australia, and has studied them all his long life. In his Keys, there are around 41 species, ssp.'s and varieties in Section Rorella.

Both have a different reasoning, and both have a lot to say. In the end it is all a matter of opinion (I have a few of my own&#33

Seed is rarely produced, the common method of reproducing them is through gemmae. My plants are at the end of their gemmae production for this season, but perhaps some other forum members may have something further from their plants to offer you. Shipping plants is very "iffy" due to the long hairlike roots which are easily broken during transplant, and I have found the survival rate for transplants to be poor unless great care has been taken.

If you care to send me a SASE, my plants *may* form additional gemmae later in the year, a few species have done this in the past, but I can make no promises of this. I would send something sooner or later though :) likely seed.

My address is William Dawnstar
42 East Oneida Street
Oswego, New York 13126.

Be sure you let me know with the sase what it is you want, or you are likely to get seed!
Wow, hehe, now those are the types of answers people should get to any question they ever ask.
Thanks a bunch guys. I didn't realize there were actually that many. Makes me want to set up a terrarium and get one of each.
That in itself would be kind of unique. As those of us who grow pygmy sundews know, it is very hard to grow just one of any of the many different pygmy sundew.
Seems like a good idea for my desk at work. Maybe I could get them all in a 5 1/2 gallon tank...hmmm....well, at least a good variety.