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Ok I ordered these pygmys since now my current pygmy (D. scorpioides) is growing beautifully and I am having luck. The pygmys I just ordered are:

D. dichrosepala
D. mannii
D occidentalis subsp. occidentalis
D. pycnoblasta
D. nitidula (nitidula x pygmaea)(hybrid)

I bought an 8 inch bought to house all of these pygmys in including my D. scorpioides. Do you think this is sufficient? I could return the pot if it isn't, since I'm not planting them in until these sundews come.(Next Friday)

Also, which out of these five do you think would be the hardest or which ones do you think I would have a hard time with? That are difficult in some cases. Anything, tips, hints, and secrets would definetly be appreciated. And even if you have these sundews and you have pictures, please post them. I would really like to see them. Thanks!

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the world of the Pygmy sundews!  I have much to say on the subject.  In fact, I already said it, and you can read it here:


This will give you a good general idea of what needs doing.  Although individual conditions vary, this is a good taking off point.

The species you have selected all have posed some difficulties for me in the past regarding the summer dormancy requirements.  I am still trying to come up with an "ideal system" that will bring them over with good success.  One added comment from another grower was the removal of the scapes seemed to result in a better survival rate.  I will be experimenting this season along this line of reasoning.

Best of luck with your plants!
Drosera echinoblastus

And some more to be found at my website:



Drosera paleacea ssp. roseana