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Purple pitcher plant?

I just bought a new pitcher plant, all the label says on it is "purple pitcher plant"  it is a really healthy looking plant.  The pitchers are kind of short and wide any.  What kind of growing conditions should I give this plant? can I put it with my VFT's that get about 5 or 6 hours of direct sunlight a day?  I am very unsure on what to do with this plant, and I really do not want to kill it. Should I take the plastic cover off?  Any tips or advice or anything I should know would be fantastic. thanx
I got it from Franks nursery
Sounds like you have an S. purpurea. I would take the cover off, keep it wet, and it should do fine with the same amount of light as your VFT. I have a few of these planted in mini bogs outside in full sun in Florida. With more light the veining is more pronounced and the older pitchers turn red.
The only advice I can offer you is to remove the cover slowly. Just a couple of hours the first day....you get the picutre. Just let it adjust to lower humidity....I have mine out on the deck with 4-6 hours of sun (with my VFT's), and we don't usually have very high (or very low) humidity. These suckers are really tough to kill.

Oh, yeah. There is an older thread about milk....I have found that my S.Purpurea responds really well to a drop of whole milk in a mature pitcher.
Sorry to break the thread, but what part of florida do you live in Dyflam?
I live in Palm Bay, east of Orlando, south of Cape Canaveral.
Thanks for the tips, i hae been letting it adjust to a change in humidity, I think I will put it out in the sun in a few days for a couple hours. Anything else I should know would be great. I also have a judith hindle that is doing great right now, should I just put the purpurea near it? The hindle gets about 5 hours of sun a day. Thanks again
It should be fine with 5 hours of sun... just break it in kinda slow.
Should I ever add water to the pitchers? If so how much and when? I put the purpurea out in the sun for about 3 hours today, it seems to be doing ok