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I have this beautiful psittacina, that is doing quite well. My first sarracenia =D. But as I notice the pitchers are different from the other. Their is a hole slightly under the round things. So I was wondering, how can I feed them. The other pitcher plants you just drop something in them, but the psittacina is something else.
You cant feed S. Psittacina dead bugs, they have to be alive, but what you do is stick the bug, smll enugh to fit, in the hole of the pitcher, they wander themsleves down the tube, if the bug decides to come back out....it will be pierced by thousands of sharp hairs. So it works its way to the base of the pitcher to be digested.
. Good luck! S. Psittacina is a very odd and cool sarra, or plant!
yah , any dead thing yo feed to this sarr will just make the pitcher rot . just stick something small , alive , and stupid in the pitchers and it will find its way down the pitcher and get digested . alothugh i don't see any digestive juices in the pitcher , i wonder how they are digested , all i see are guide hairs and windows .
***raises hand*** I know the answer, goldtrap!!! I found this out in The Savage Garden. In most pitcher plants, except for some such as the purpurea, the process is similar to a flytrap's. When a live bug struggles in the pitcher, the plant is stimulated and produces digestive juice.

*Claps for FlytrapGurl* (who beat me to the answer.) I would say the very best way is to place them outside for a few hours, and let them catch their own food, that way there's no risk of messing up, because the plant is working for its self. GOOD LUCK!!