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Propogating n.gracilis

Hi all again,

I'm thinking of doing some stem cuttings of my N.Gracilis to produce more plants for trade/insurance (in case the original one dies  

I've been provided with some instructions by some kind members of this forum, but me being the beginner gardener than I am, can't comprehend all the steps, hence I'm here to seek help once again  

The instructions are from here.

First, the cutting. What's a node? Where can I cut? If u refer to the pic of my Nep, can I cut where the yellow circle is?

So each section (in between 2 nodes, whatever nodes are) is one stem cutting?

Second, after cutting, do I take out the leaves or pitchers?

Thirdly, I read that Superthrive shld be used. How shld one apply this? Do I dab the severed stem into the solution?I also notice here


that there is a white tape around the bottom of the stem... is that necessary?

Lastly, what sort of medium is good? Those recommended for mature Neps? When sticking the stem into the medium, how deep must it go? Is there a special way to position the stem?

Many thanks for any answers
To the best of my understanding, (correct me if I'm wrong) in the junction between each leaf and the stem, there is a growth node, too small to be seen with the naked eye. When I took my cuttings, I cut every three leaves. I removed the bottom one and cut the other two in half. I have never purchased Superthrive, which I think would have greatly increased my success rate. Someone else will have to comment on that. The medium I used was pure LFS (Long-Fibered Spagnum Moss). I put the cuttings vertically potted up to the base of the first halfed leaf in the medium. Granted I only had one of six cuttings root, but that was because, in my opinion, I forgot to make horizontal cuts up the side of the stem, increasing the area affected by the rooting hormone. Oh yeah, I did use Schultz's rooting hormone and it seems to work OK. I don't know if that's tape or not. It might be powdered rooting hormone and fungicide. Good luck!

First that isn't tape.. its rooting powder (rooting hormone and fungicide).

As to the question about nodes SnowyFalcon was right, it is a tiny dormant bud or growth point on the stem just above the leaf, you can see them on some species if you look close, I am not sure if you can see them on gracilis.

Superthrive is a matter of personal preferance, I prefer to use it, others don't. If you do use it then I recomned one drop per gallon water, and soak the tips of the cuttings in the solution for about 10 minutes before dipping them in rooting hormone.

Cutting the leaves again is a matter of preferance. Some People cut half the leaf off others don't. I Cut the leaves depending on weither or not they will fit in the ziplock bags I put the cuttings into while they root.

For rooting medium, like SnowyFalcon said Long Fiber Shpagnum.

good luck.
Thanks for the replies!

So when I make the cuttings, it shld be between two nodes? Therefore, for one stem cutting, the node is not really at the bottom of the servered stem, but a few inches off?
I've taken a closer look at my plant, and I still can't figure out where the nodes are  

So I've taken a picture, and indicated where I think I ought to slice the stem. The yellow lines wld indicate where I cut. What do u guys think?


Red line indicate old vine, blue = old leaf, yellow = new shoot, notice that on the N.Gracilis the new shoot sprout about 5mm above and on the same side of the old leave. Normally only one shoot will sprout from multiple node cutting. Therefore it is ok to take two-leaf cutting, just ensure that total length is sufficient for rooting (>=2cm) and vine about ground (>=2cm) plus a hidden node for sprouting.
N. gracilis can be easily rooted in pure water. You do not need a rooting hormone to do this. I have rooted N. ventrata, N. gracilis, and N. coccinea without using a rooting hormone.

Here are a couple of photos of my water rooted N. gracilis.



About 5 weeks later:



More experience growers might take a cuttings that are shorter 'cos
1. they are used to taking cuttings and are comfortable with handling a 1-2 inch length
2. they want to maximise the no. of cuttings taken per vine

If it's your first time taking a cutting, take longer ones about 3-5inch. They are easier to handle and you can leave them to stand in water like Nick did.

Some growers like to put the cuttings in sphagnum moss or sphagnum peat directly.