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Proper burial for mr. fishy

Well one of my fish died just about 2 days ago, so i tought "Hermmm i could flush him down the toilet, throw him outside, FEED HIM TO MY CATS, or OR i could feed him to my N. khasania Yes YES and so... i did. i wouldnt recommend it thought as for it is making an odor in my greenhouse but i think it is all worth it. it could also rot my trap as well but it seems to be digesting well

Oh my oh my what will i do next?
And now your fish will be with you for a long time to come, in the form of your khasiana!

It's the circle of life.
(Sorry about your loss)
Kinda morbid, but cool!
If the next pitcher to come out is the same colour as the fish...........

Lets start again.

Wow, that sounds like a kewl experiment!
Heeheehe... how funny

I wanna feed my plants animals.
At least it was dead.
I would be distirbed to fed my CP's a small dead animal but alive is NOT my thing. Sorry about your fish's demise too.
a dead fish heck you just reminded me that i have a dead koi in the freezer i still have to bury. i thought about putting it into one of the pitchers but the darn thing is to big to fit into one of them.
POOR poor fish...hes with flies now in critter heaven
George-CP, maybe you should feed pieces of it to your nepenthes.
nathaniel, i'll give it a try. to bad there is the mallet in here instead of a butcher knife. that fish is hard as a rock by know