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Pring primuliforia


pring primuliforia  This is the only tissue culture that I have sucessfully done and now am ready to look for another strain of pring does anybody have one to trade

I live In California
this shoul;d be in the tradinf forums . frei8train , i don't know what your definition of tissue culture is but i don't think it is making cuttings of the plants or sprouting seeds , its a scientific way of cloning plants using all these chemicals , flask , test tubes and all these other equipment , its quite complicating .

Not to be pouncing on you or anything, but its PING...not pring.

And the plant is pinguicula primuliflora. It would help you to make sure you spell these correctly especially if you are going to be trading and passing the plants to other people. Its very important to label your plants and get them spelled right. Remember that whoever you trade a plant to, that person may trade it and on an on...and you don't want someone on down the line thinking they have some rare plant thats really just mislabeled or misspelled.

I would suggest you make this post again in the trade forum...spell it correctly and tell people you have a sprouted leaf cutting to trade and you should get some replies.

Moving to trade forum
If you read the trading rules. You cannot trade anything Exotic Garden sells, including P. Primuliflora.