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I am rather new to the oing thing. Bought what I believe to be a primuliflora and was wondering if it goes into a non-carnivorous state during cooler months. I keep mine on the windowsill ans seems that leaves are dryer and smaller than over the summer. They dry up faster too. Could something else be going on?

All I have read about these plants is what you have noticed. They do not go 'dormant'. All they do is lose their sticky leaves. They should be fine. I have never put one into dormancy and they have grown super strong for years now. FYI the Butterworts that I grow and have grown are the ionathe, primaflolra, and the moranensis.
Yes P. primuliflora does go dormant. The species can experience temps well below freezing for several nights a winter.
Dormancy can be slight, and this plant continually produces plantlets on the older leaves, so really isn't as important a issue as with some of the other temperate pings. As you have found out by your post.