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Oct 20, 2003
missing, presumed dead
ehhh the topic was dead anyways.....Reptile Gardens is the largest collection of reptiles and amphibians on public display in North America(i think Bob Applegates place during hatching season prolly puts Its number of individual snakes to shame but he is a private breeder). its worth the price of admission as long as you dont have a snake phobia. i spent the better part of the day walking through the various buildings. if your not interested in snakes and such you will prolly find it boring. but they have a HUGE collection of venomous snakes, 2 komodo dragons, Galapogos torts, quite a few different turtles and amphibs. and on heck of a collection of crocodillians for being out in the middle of nowhere and being a place that can freeze solid in the winter. i plan on going again next summer, Darla and i had alot of fun down in that area(Spearfish, Deadwood, Rapid City). as Finch said its a tourist trap and there is alot to do. i think we visited 6 caves and thats not even half of whats open to the public.