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Ok...... I'm not getting S. rubra ssp. jonesii...

But. In its place... I will be getting... well. First I'll get getting the two others... You wanna know the third? The first two are oreophila, and alabamensis... The third one is...

Wuts it called agian?
I think its rare or sumthin...
Um if it's Purpurea Montana is prolly isn't the real thing.
It the person you're getting the plants from is reputable I say go for it!!


err... what does S purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana look like anyway?

But err....

what's the difference between that an the regular purpurea ssp venosa?
It has thicker veins and the lids often pinch together at the top(but they never fuse together). That's not a really good example of it. Buy yourself a copy of Schnell's new book to learn more. Its really worth more than they're charging for it.
Also Tristan, the flower stalks are much long than ANY Pupurea form and that it is known for dividing more faster and frequently than other Purpurea. As youcan see in the photo. Also what book are you talking about Tristan? The new CP's of North America and Canada?
I just noticed the ICPS Seedbank has some S. purp montana seeds available for sale.
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Thanks Tristan!

Cool sarracenia must check out!
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yah about two days ago I sent away for some of those seeds.
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I just got me an S. purp montana

You may all drool in envy
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It is a very pretty plant. The veins look very interesting....

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I'm goin to get mine tommorow (tuesday)! Hooray!
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Grrrr.... just joking, I got Alabamensis and Oreophila so I'm happy.
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Grrrrrrrrr....... My dad got sick atwork,so hecouldnt take me.... *hiss*

Well. I'll go some time this week. I"M GOING... I'll walk for like, a day if i have to...