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Praelongia leaves


I've been growing U. praelonga for a year or so now, and ever since I got it it has produced two distinct types of leaves: shorter leaves and long, grass-like leaves.

Is this normal for this species, or some kind of environment-induced feature?



The plant is growing in high humidity, ~8 inches from a set of two grow lights (u. arenaria, livida continually flower under these conditions, and my other utrics also seem to be flourishing). Soils is mostly peat with some sand, and temperatures fluctuate between 55 and 90 F. Any info would be appreciated!
It is one of distinctions, however it is not the only utric where the leaves do this.
U. praelonga

I am not home so this is not my photo, it is the gallery's.
Huh... interesting. Any idea why the plant does this? What precise habitats does it grow in? The plant is found in south america, particularly in the Pampas region, so I could imagine it grows in grass, in which case the taller leaves would aid in photosynthesis.