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Potting Plants with Inorganic Mix


This is a pretty interesting article I thought might be of interest since repotting of the plants isn't required later on or if it is it's a heck of alot easier.
Check it out

my two pennies worth:

You can grow Nepenthes in chopped old tires if you can provide enough watering.. As long as you meet the basic requirements of a well aerated mix and provide enough watering that the plants roots stay moist they will grow fine. The problem is that most inorganic mixxes dry out much faster than mixxes with organic components. Another problem or possible problem.. all that rock weighs alot!

Personally I think it's silly to try and find a mix that never needs replacing. Yes it is helpful to find one that doesn't decompose quickly.. but even in inorganic mixxes that will last indeffinately there are other reasons for repoting. Removing accumulated salts is the main reason! I also feel that careful repotting of established Nepenthes does not set the plant back significantly.

I have been happy with coconut husk chips, quality sphagnum moss and perlite. The coconut husk chips supposedly will last upwards of 5 years. The sphagnum decomposes slowly also. Over all it is a very chunky mix to start so clogging of the mix is minimal as it ages. I generally avoid bark and peatmoss.. In particular mixxing peatmoss with anything but perlite and sand.