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Potting baby cephs


Decumbent Fanatic
I bought some cephs and found a few random clippings in the moss used to keep the tops of the plants moist during shipping. I thought I would at least try to get them to take and they did and are growing beautifully. Is it now time to pot these little things or leave them alone?




This is the current setup for them.

Do note Cephs don't like to be waterlogged AT ALL. Plus, if you can get some, live sphagnum is very good for a top dressing.
live sphagnum is very good for a top dressing.

This I'll disagree with 100%.
SOME people are able to successfully grow cephs with LFS involved. I am not one of those people. So far this year I've lost 8 of my favorite cephs due to using LFS as a top dressing. The LFS started breaking down, as did the cephs.
Now I only use an extremely chunky peat based mix made up of:
2:2:2:2 orchid bark, peat, course silica sand, charcoal. The pots are kept slightly moist, but not wet.
And so far, my 15 cephs couldn't be happier.

Back to the original question: Best to repot them now while they're young. Think WAY ahead and pot them into something over-sized. Then just let them grow into it.
I am no expert when it comes to cephs (or to cp's in general) but from what I read and heard cephs like very well drained media. I have received a very small HG last year and currently grow it in a mix that resembles what mass described: 1:1:1:1:1 small orchid/fir bark : coarse_sand : peat : turface : perlite and it seems to like it. The plant is in 6" tall 4" wide container and is regularly top watered (avoiding the crown).
Thanks for the info.
I will pot these little suckers up today.
Sorry to hear that mass. I had a pot set up for ceph seedlings, and when they didn't sprout I got an adult, and it seems quite happy in a 3 inch thick live sphagnum layer. Could just be conditions.... but I have to agree, every person has a different recipe for these guys.