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possible for too much sun

alright. i give my vft sun from about 900 am to about 630 pm. all of that sun is direct. i was wondering if that might be too much direct sun?

It isn't really possible to give too much sun but what you might have to deal with is too much sun too fast. When introducing plants to full sun it is best to do it in stages, 1 hr a day for a week, 2 hrs, 4 hrs, etc. so that the plant does not burn.

i have a peteole on my vft that has a black spot. why?
The plant was probably introduced to sun too fast or the humidity is very very low(20's etc.) and the temperatures are very high(90's etc.). This can cause the petioles to have slight burns. Apply a little shade in the afternoon if this is the case.

Um, probably not too much sun, but you might have to deal with the surface of sphagnum moss drying up. Water trays evapourating, and heat building up if they are enclosed...
Where do you live? My VFT and Sarracenia sunburn on hot fry days within a few hours of sunlight even here in northern california (east bay area). So I need to put a net to filter the sun when the forecast calls for hot days.