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Poor little Hogan

Anyone know how to save a dying hogan/ sempervium minimum, I think? It was attacked b squirrels four hundred times. Now it's inside bu the roots are on the surface and I can't seem to cover tem up without burying what's left of the plant. Which is like two leaves. Anyone?
cut off the remaining two leaves, and fully bury the plant.Cover it with chicken wire to keep the !@#*ing squirrels away.
I would say get some trasplanting fertilizer, and LEAVE the two leaves to do photo synthesis... UP root ic ompletely like your replanting it...

I dont know what a hogan is, so it might not take the fertilizer well... just an idea...
It's a colorado native or tranferred here and just does real well. It loves a lot of sun and is a rock lover. The rockier the better. It's the most beautiful deep reddish purple color leaves taht are really thick and waxy and has cute little white flowers like miniature daisies. It likes to dry out completel before being wtered. It's a hard plant to kill. Perfect for me. except that squirrels seemed to challenge it's resilliancy. If I pull it out do I just immidiatley replant it?
Yea, you would pull it out so that you can sorta re-orgnaize it in a neater pot... U know?
Well, it lost the fight and my poor little Hogan is dead. Hopefully I'll be able to get another one at next year's Botanical Garden Plants sale and protect this one from the evil squirrels

My sympathies are with you. I have a terrible problem with squirrels too. They have torn up just about every plant I have outside on the deck (which is a lot). I just read recently to put a clove of garlic at the base of your plants and that will turn them away. I haven't tried this y et, but I'm desperate, so I'm going to.

Someone needs to invent an easy, safe squirrel repellant. Hmmmm...where is Linda the Inventor when I need her.

Squirrels really suck. Right now I'm trying desperately to build plant shelving with chicken wire and wood but I can only do it when my kids asleep and I have to dumpster dive most of the material. They've all ready started to attack the french lavender now and they rip of the flowers of the marigold and tear them up. I've also heard that garlic scares away bugs so don't put it near your carnivores. I don't know if you all ready knew that or not but just wanted to warn you. I'll stop my bitching now. If anyone ever comes across a hogan/ sempervium minimum please let me know and I will gladly trade/pay or do whatever necessary to get another one of these plants. Shauntell