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Poisonous to pets?

Does anyone know if the darlingtonia is poisonous to a cat or dog if they actually eat a pitcher? They haven't, and I'm not planning on letting it happen...but in case it ever did happen, I'd like to know...

I have kept Darlingtonia for many years and neither my dog (aged 12) or my cat (age 18, deceased two years ago) have ever showed any inclination to eat it. I have no idea if Darlingtonia is poisonous to them, but I do know that in the wild they are often eaten by deer. I've never heard of any deer suffering as a result of this, it's always the other way round. Therefore I suspect that Darlingtonia is not very toxic to mammals, but I doubt whether anyone has experimentally tested this on pets.


I would image not, just because (correct me if I'm wrong), the Darlingtonia doesn't produce it's oun digestive juices. Well, the rotting carcasses might cause some indegestion, but I think they would probably smell so bad that cats and dogs wouldn't of them as something good to eat.
I gave my friend a VFT as a gift and his cats seemed to like them.... We went on the computer and the his cat ate one of the traps! We decided to hide it and his cats found it again and a trap digesting a fly! The cat showed no kind of sickness, but it was a VFT...
Nope they arent poisonous if they were my bunnies would be dead since they have all snacked on them

As far as I know and I could be wrong, please correct me if I am, but none of the cps are realy poisonous.