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Plz help my sarr!

hey my sarr is dying very quickly about 6 of its rizhome dried up already only 1 left(also drying up quickly)i pulled out all the dried up sarrs i already tried to save it. its too late too save the 1 rizhome ,its drying up so quickly, and i dont know whats the problem,theres no mealy bugs or fugus or root rot or anything
my qns:
is there anyway to like reproduce sarrs in that condition?theres about 1 more pitcher still green(top drying up)
is the soil wet? it should be. is it really soggy? it might have root rot. the top of the last pitcher is dying? sounds like the plant is just going into dormancy
to be safe though, re pot the plant into a new mix. cut off any remaining dead rhizome.
I am sorry you had this happen. It can be very distressing. I had something very similar happen this week to one of my most treasured plants. It had been growing like gang busters all summer then all the pitchers died rather quickly and not like they normally do. One day they were find then the next they were dead and still green. I pushed on the rhizome to discover it was soft and mushy. Let me till you, I wasted no time in yanking that puppy out of the soil to fine root rot. I cut away all the soft rhizomes down to firm tissue. It left me with very little on my plant: one small growing point not 4 like I had and very small sprout. I placed these in a cup with cCeary that I bought off here. They are soaking in that until tomorrow and I will repot and hope for the best. Good luck and share what you learn.
thx guys i dont think its going into dormancy it looks like its dead
I lost my entire mini-bog of sarrs also....
When I set it up I didn't have instructions and there wasn't any form of drainage next time I'm putting 2 inches of pumice on the bottom.

Poor things they all had new leaves coming up last week too.

What were the growing conditions of your plant? Was it in a pot sitting in water? Or was it in a soil bog? Was there any drainage for the pot? Is the rhizome (thick root) black, soft and spongy or firm and dry?

Hard to determine without a little more info.

Sorry to hear about it though.

the rizhomes are just dried up brown colour, it sits in a tray of water and it has 100% spahgum moss, ive been giving it the same conditions for a few months and suddenly, boom!
oh and there was no drainage, where do i gewt drainage? are small pebbles ok? or chacoal?
Use perlite. I just started using it last week and haven't had any ploblems. From what I've learned, it shouldn't be a problem for plants, just don't breath in the dust. Also, don't use miracle gro brand, it has their fertilizer junk in it, very bad.
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u mean just put them at the bottom of the pot?
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My Sarrs do well in a 2+1+1 mix of peat, sand, and pearlite. (I hate those ugly floating rocks
) I noticed the best results when I started watering through the pots instead of just filling the trays.

Good luck