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Plants with serious sun damage

Several plants in my collection were burnt badly. A few mesembs and pinguicula. I expect the pinguicula to die, but I would still like to try to revive them. The pinguicula are 'aphrodite', esseriana, and cyclosecta. the mesembs are ihlenfeldtia vanzylli, pleiospilos nelii, and lithops aucaumpie. What is the proper treatment of a plant with serious sunburn?
Depending on how badly damaged the Pinguicula are, your best bet may be to start some pullings right away if there are still some healthy leaves underneath the burnt ones. The only "treatment" I know is to reduce the light, either by moving them into a shadier location, or covering them with something. I've had good results using burlap "cloth" over a pvc frame. (not the same tight-weave that sacks are made of, but it has 1/8"-1/4" holes. I found it in the craft section @ Wallyworld)

Hopefully they'll start to produce new leaves after a while.

I've no experience with your other plants though, so I wouldn't know what to expect or if there's anything special you can do for them.
Time and lower light levels are really all there is.
For ping, i will do some leave pullings and of course lower the light level. For unhealthy ping, wet medium kills them. Becareful.

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If u post photos of the mesembs i may be able to give u some help cause i too grow mesembs. Hopefully i can help I'll look out for photos in this thread :) Goodluck
Thanks everyone who responded. That's what I thought. Hopefully they come around.