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Apr 14, 2004
6 Vine St Taperoo 5017 South Australia
I can only swap plants in Australia, it too hard to import plants. Anyway I got spare plants of Drosera binata "Gaint", cv. "Marston's Dragon", various capensis varieties including all-red and mini-red, intermedia 'Big Audrey', 'Cuba', and few other species and varieties of Drosera. Also couple of mexican Ping hybrids and Utricularia australis, gibba, as well as dichotoma, laterifolia, livida, livida "Durban".
E-mail me for the full list. Please note I won't swap plants of tropical annuals. They are too short lived and in case of indica too hard to transplant. If you are interested in any tropical annuals I got, ask for my seedlist.
Speaking of seedlist I got fresh stock of Drosera sessiflora seeds from my plants as well.