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Planting sarracenia rhizomes...

I purchased some sarr rhizomes and I need to know how deep in the medium to plant them. My medium is about 40% peat, 40% perlite, and 20% sphagnum moss. I put a layer of moss in the bottom of the pot to prevent soil loss through the drainage holes. I keep the pot in a tray of distilled water (I've learned a lot on this wacky site). I just want to make sure I don't plant too deep or shallow.
OK, you know what the crown of Sarracenia's are right? Well, it is the basically the center of the plant ( where the leaves come from). To palnt (your mix is fine) simply put ALL roots into a hole you've made in the soil and plant up to the crown. Leave it a little bit above the dirt. But for a general rule of thumb plant the crown about an 1/2 of an inch above the soil. Hope this helps!
Nep G is right. Plant your rhizome so that 1/2 is above the soil surface. As the plant grows (rapidly!) it will find its own comfortable growing depth. It won't be long before its warping the pot and time to devide again!
Hi Dyflam,
What species/hybrids did you get?
These are the ones I picked:
Flava Unknown variety
Leucophylla typical
Leucophylla Tarnok
Alata x oreophila

Don't really know anything about them but I'm fixing to find out.
Hi Dyflam,
The advice you have already received is spot on. The only exception is Sarracenia Minor which likes to be just below the surface and oreophila tends to 'bury' itselt as well. Good growing with your new plants!