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Plant not pitchering?

hay guys,
iv had 3 nepenthes for about 2-3 months now and none of them have produced any new pitchers. why

what kind of nepenthes are they. where do you keep them temp and humidity
What is the humidity percentage? Also in those 3 months did you fuss over them and move them about/repot them?
they are growing outside. i live in Georgia. and the temps for here are about 90 in the day time and 70-80 in the nighttime. they leaves are growing great but no new pitchers. i have a sanguinea,x judith finn, ventris. i mist them 2 times a day. they are in 80% shade.
hope that helps
Less shade and lower temperatures I think should do the trick.

Since you had them outside for so long, I think they've adapted to the RH there, so I guess that's not why they aren't pitchering.

hmm...RH sounds ok. Light soudns too low for pitcher production, probably need to hang them in a tree to get sunlight. Neps can take full sun as long as they are adapted to it.
Sanguinias don't always pitcher well when they are young (both of mine had trouble pitchering for over 6 months, but they grew out of it). When they get bigger, they're incredible plants. I'd agree on getting them more sun.