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Plant going yellow themn brown

ok few poeple may remember i reppoted a few months back using wrong soil ,all sorted but plant does not seem to good new shoots all the time but they dont last long before going yellow then brown,i water it daily as its in a very warm room with lots of direct sunlight ,average temp 28/32' cooler at night,posibly down to 15/20'.
traps are not being triggered they dont even grow big enough to open sometimes before dying.
I would guess the vft is in shock. Most ppl transplant vft's right after dormancy. I would give them plenty of light and water from the top with no tray at least for a month. Doing that will not make the vft rot as easy. What kind of soil are you using? I would not suggest peat/perlite as my luck is horrible with that combo. It may take the vft several months to recover depending on shock.

Hope that helps,
Yes, it does sound like root rot or shock. Just keep flushing the pot and it should perk up.