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Pitcher not unfolding

One of the pitchers on my S. 'Evendine' has been stuck half open for a week now. One of it's other pitchers opened fine but it's as if this one started to open and then changed it's mind. The purpurea hood has started to produce nectar as if it was finished but it can't catch anything
happens to me all the time with my god forsaken S.minor! I think its jsut the plant itself and sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt.
Don't worry Alvin, Ceph is right and when you come down next weekend,you will see it even happens on established plants sometimes.
Oh well, I suppose it's just one of those things.
I'm expecting to pick up some photos of my plants tomorrow, scan them and post them up. Hopefully we can see if my plant really is an Evendine or not.
Well the photos came back and they are all blurry
I just used up a few photos left at the end of the film but none came out clearly.