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Pitcher fluid

Pondering...what happens to the pitcher fluid when the pitchers die and shrivel up? Whenever I cut a dead pitcher, theres no fluid in there.
well, CP's being the efficient things they are, I would not at all be suprised if the re-absorbed as much fluid as possible...

barring that, I suspect maybe the plant simply stops adding moisture to the pitcher, and the contents eventually diminish...

I think re-absorb though. (I can't back that up.)
If you think about it, the pitchers gradually wither and die. The pitcher then becomes much like a small paper cup that you would leave outside with a bit of liquid in it. It eventually evaporates, as there is no way for it to go anywhere else unless there is a break in the pitcher and the liquid dribbles out. This all would happen at the point the plant quits sending the liquid into the pitchers. Have fun and keep em growin.

i have been observing a pitcher on my N. Veitchii x witteii. from what i can tell is that the plant brings the flooded back into the plant structure along with what ever prey it has captures. i cut one of the pitches open today that was all brown and there wasn't a drop of insect or water inside the pitcher
Atleast youwont haveto worry about bug juice spilling when you clip the dead pitchers off
I agree george, I think I lean towards the idea that the fluid is re-absorbed.