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Hi, I was wondering, what are the top 10 pings that have the most leaves, summer and/or winter? I want a ping that I can just cut apart and make alot of plants fast.

If you are going for sheer numbers, then gypsicola would probably be the best bet.

Anyone have any other ideas?
For sheer numbers, go for moranensis var. caudata, hybrids with gypsicola, or a miniature ping(ehlersiae, esseriana etc.).
P.gypsicola is not the best choice for a mex. pinguicula if you are just starting out in growing these plants. P.gypsicola must be kept very dry for dormancy.
To the point:

I would say; esseriana, cyclosecta, ehlersiae, jaumavensis, gypsicola, 'Weser', all hold many live leaves during both growth phases.
I guess I am just the rogue that I don't pamper my pings except in their basic requirements. I do my best to provide optimal growing conditions.

I am rogue in that I don't vary my conditions, ever. I grow them like they were tropical plants, even the ones that become underground "bulbs". My assumption is (though I may be wrong) that in the tropics the only major change the plants experience is seasonal moisture variation. Light level and photoperiod (I give mine 16 hrs/day) should fluctuate very little. My Pinguicula gypsicola go in and out of the different leaf phases from time to time. The photos below show two pots of siblings growing side-by-side in the same tray, the photos are recent. These plants have never seen "dry" in the 20 months they have been growing in my care:


hey pingman can you pm me where I can get some?

pinguicula gyp. that is