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Pinguicula primulaflora

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
I received this plant from @SubRosa 10/26 so, far from long term success... But from the tips he's provided to this forum here I'm having the best success ever already! I know there were a few of us saying we had failures, it definitely seems to be a good time to jump in and give his cultivation method a try, thanks for the tips dude! (Not sure if he has more)
I've had it inside, but am considering putting it in a greenhouse. Nep greenhouse shaded but heated to 55ish or Sarr/vft greenhouse virtually no shading, where I have a small heater to prevent freezes when they come through but can get cooler than Nep house. Hmmmmm


Looking good Andrew! If anyone is interested I do have a couple more available, both typicals and double flowered 'Rose'.
As far as putting it in your greenhouse, as long as it doesn't freeze it will be fine. I just pulled the last of mine inside today, because the 25° they're calling for tonight had me worried. They were sitting on top of 350 gallons of water to provide thermal mass, and have had no issues with a few nights in the upper 20s.