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Pinguicula pictures

Hi All,

I took a few pics of my P. moranensis yesterday. I love the variety of shots you can take of just one plant.

"Tunnel of Love"


A closeup of a disolving bug:



What a pretty way to die!



p.s. I may be able to make screen sized shots out of some of these. The original res should be high enough.
What was the magnification of those shots?
Hi Tim,

I'm not sure. The pictures were taken at varying resolutions and then I usually cut part of the picture out and blew it up as needed.

To give you an idea of the size of the leaves, The plant is about 7"+ in diameter and is growing in a ~4" pot.

All pictures were taken with a Sony Dsc-s70.

Very nice Noah! P. moranensis is one of my favorites.
There's something inherehtly sick about that tunnel of love....

Beautiful pictures, noah!

PS: By the way, I love the, "Tunnel of Love"!
Most beautiful ping pictures i've ever seen. I'll use them for my desktop background.
Ah, but the tunnel of love has trapped many ill-fated lovers
Thanks for the comments... Yes, the "tunnel of love" is indeed one of my favorites as well.
Kind of an ironic shot...

Leo, I can email you higher resolution pics (same shots) for your desktop if these aren't large enough.