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Pinguicula moranensis "caudata" photo

The darn thing wont stop growing. It's too big for the terrarium now and is living and loving life in the wide open spaces. The flower is close to 50 cent piece sized. Anyone want to enter the ring and pit their Butterwort against this hunker, c'mon! Put 'em up! Shame me!

(This photo was taken last month. The plant is a good deal larger now&#33

wow, very nice. just for the moranensis discussion... what is your media and care? (water etc)
Once my 1716 comes out of dormancy I'll give you a run for the money. It hit 7" last year and I expect at least the same this year. Kinda funny considering right now it is only 1" across
Hi Tamlin

This is yet another occasion that makes me want a digital camera now, I'm working on it!

My largest P. moranensis has a diameter of 10.5 inches, a bit more if I flatten the leaves out  
, is that cheating? It's nearly as large as my largest P. gigantea (11.5 inches). I grow my plants in Seramis (baked clay granules) with a little bit of loam-based regular potting soil. They just love the bit of  fertiliser and lime in the potting soil (John Innes No2, I don't think it's available over in the US).

I bought my original plant from Adrian Slack about 20 years ago, my first Ping and I still love it. My largest plant just lives happily on a West-facing windowsill, I've kept it as a 'houseplant' since I obtained it, and it thrives on it, never been molly-coddled in a terrarium.


Ok, so far no takers. I'm am hereby proclaiming this the Largest Ping in the World, until some one knocks my champ out of the ring. Pyro, you're on!!! Come get me man.

Patrice? Eric?

Yup, the Lrgest Ping in the Whole Wide Woooorrrrlllddd!

Do you give your plant lots of humidity? How about the lighting?
There is no doubts, this is the largest Pinguicula I have ever see. I haven't any plant with this size and hope not having one : my greenhouse is small and would blow up !

I think the use of a fertiliser and loam is one of the responsible of this size but also your care on it.

Is it the adult size or next year it would be bigger ?

The answer next year

Eric Partrat
The plants on the windowsill just get natural lighting, my largest 'caudata' gets full sun in the afternoons only, as it's on a west-facing windowsill. I don't give it extra humidity, England is fairly humid compared to much of continental US. The plant is in a 5" diameter, dwarf pot (3.5" high) and overhangs the sides by several inches. The pots stands in a shallow water tray, which I fill to 1/2" max in summer and allow to dry out between waterings, watering is greatly reduced, but not stopped in winter, when it is kept just damp, not wet or bone dry. It has formed a loose winter rosette (the same clone kept cooler and drier forms a much tighter, succulent rosette), and the dimensions I gave were from last years carnivorous leaves which have persisted on the plant, these do not persist on plants cooler and drier,  it is just recommencing growth now.

This clone frequently splits into several plants, particularly after heavy flowering, so I doubt than it can get much bigger. I don't have a digital camera, but I have just taken a couple of standard photos with a ruler included and I'll try to post the scan on PFT later, this will probably take a couple of weeks.

Last year I traded one of my 'Slack's caudatas'  for a plant which was purported to be var. caudata 'Giant', this plant has very similar, but subtly different flowers to my clone, and has so far failed to match it in size or growth rate in the same compost under identical conditions.

My P. gigantea was even bigger last year, this now has slightly smaller winter leaves and is flowering. I also appears to be splitting into two large plants

The use of the loam-based, lime and fertiliser containing compost (John Innes No 2)  in my mix is not unusual, A. Slack recommends it in both his books. As I obtained my plant from him, and only had his first book as a cultivation guide, I followed his advice. These plants have always grown well for me over 20 years, so I see no reason to stop using J.I. No2 now.


Hmm. I guess I'll have to drive to the other side of town and take a picture if that little thing impresses so many people.
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Uh oh, either you are out boasting me or I am in deep trouble, hee hee. Still, my plant sticks its tongue out at you (sticky one too) and sends you a long and lingering raspberry. We invite you to pit your plant against the unspeakable mangnificance of the Largest Ping In the Woooorld.
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Hi Tamlin, I'm just rising to your challenge.

The photos are in taken, just got to finish the other 30 something pictures over Easter and I'll get it posted. 10.5 inches is the diameter of my 'caudata'.


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Ok Vic, Superping is ready for you. Be sure to get something to show the scale (not that I am doubting your word, but if you want to be the title holder of the Largest Ping in the Wooooorld you have to work for it&#33

When you DO get that camera, please take lots of photos of your other plants. My tongue has been hanging out to see your collection, which I have no doubt is awesome!
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Good god...that is HUGE!!!! Absolutely awsome. And I can't wait to see the challengers.

Now I feel like I am growing miniature pings...

Well, just one more (in a long list of thousands) to aspire to. I guess it is the carrot to you keep striving.

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Hi Tamlin

As promised a photo of my P. moranensis var. caudata complete with ruler. This photo was taken an hour ago, unfortunately some of last years outer leaves have browned so it doesn't quite measure up to the 10.5 inches it was a couple of weeks ago. I have photo's of it at the quoted size still in my wife's camera if you need to see them. It's still fairly big though, as you can see, what does Superping have to say?


Now that I am the proud owner of my new toy, expect to see a few more pictures from my collection in the near future as soon as I get the hang of it. For the moment I'll leave you with these.

P. primuliflora


P. laueana 'Typical'



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This is a bit of a sticky situation. It is evident that your contender was a Champ in his prime, the power of his punches no doubt legendary. That is one bloody huge Ping (pardon my English)! I see that your champ is somewhat retired now, but will this obviously powerful heavyweight return to full fighting prime? Time alone will tell: after training and maintaining a good diet your ping may well knock my young upstart of a plant clear back to Mexico. I think this one might have to go to the judges, but in any case it is clear that this champs trainer knows what he is about. Still, the current champ is not yet at the peak of his prime and is working out each day. Presently I feel it could go either way, and a rematch will likely be in order.

Thanks as well for the beautiful photos of the flowers. I am hoping my P. laueana flowers this season. WOW!! BTW is that hybrid of yours that you sent to me red flowered as well? I would love to see a photo of that (the plants are thriving&#33
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Sorry for speaking about another record : the largest Pinguicula reach 60 cm diameter !

This is in wild, in Spain, this is Pinguicula vallisneriifolia .

The plants grow overhanging (leaf is 30 cm lenght) so all the leaves goes down but if if grow one, the size will be 60 cm !

Mine are only 15 cm (the lenght of one leaf). A long, very long road to go !
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No the hybrid I sent you has deep purple flowers, and a velvet-like quality in the right light.


It's Parents were

Pollen Doner - P. emarginata


And Mom was P. laueana CP2 (a crimson/purple clone)


This is fun

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That is a nice looking hybrid Vic