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Pinguicula macroceras nortensis

I would like to add this plant to my Oregon bog but have not seen it for sale. Does anyone grow P. macroceras nortensis and where did you get it? thank you very much, Jack.
Below is a recent photo of a Pinguicula I have in my collection. I believe it is the plant mentioned in the subject of this thread:


I separated the gemmae from the hybernacula and have about 50 extra little plants as well as a seed pod full of seed.
I have been growing it for several years in my outfdoor bog. As you know, it grows naturally in NW California near the Oregon border. The climate there is similar to where I live. I collected some seed a few years ago and it germinated and has hung around ever since. As in the wild, my plants form hibernaculum in September and resume growth in late March. No, I don't have any to trade. I would bet that if you find them in a store, they would have been wild collected. I don't think they would be a great commercial draw, because there are other Pings that are easier to grow and that are more spectacular.

Hey Jack,
I live up here near Tacoma, WA and just recently got my new nortensis in the mail from California Carnivores.  http://www.californiacarnivores.com

It was shipped while still in its winter bud.
hope this helps!  
Does macroceras occur naturally in Washington, U.S? If so, are these considered [I}macroceras ssp.nortensis[/I]?  I have a few ping hibercula/gemmae(either macs or vulgaris), which originates from the Washington Cascades growing with my Darlingtonia californica.