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pinguicula gigantea

buenos noches,
hey any body have P.gigantea iv done an extensive web search but come up with almost nothing except it has glands on both sides of the leafs,any body have general care info or any thing like that specific to this one. Its a mexican variety is it not so do i treat it like regular mexican pings?


I grow my Pinguicula gigantea in 100% Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. I give them 16 hours of artificial light every day year-round and keep their media continuously moist to wet. I keep the temperature between 80F daytime and 72F night. I try to harvest the lower leaves every few weeks in order to propagate more of these marvelous plants. They have flowered and selfing has produced viable seed and several hundred pinhead sized little plants.

Here is a recent photograph of a small group of these plants in 4 inch pots:


The one drawback I noticed is that their leaf span can exceed 6 inches so they take more space than many other Tropical Pinguicula.

those look great!!

im going to have to find some for me. they lookawsome

great plants
Gigantea is related to agnata and so grows best in a similar set up. Also, this plant does not have a noticable dormancy period with the change in leaf shape/size
thanks Pyro that was one of my biggest questons.

WOW! I love those pings pinguiculaman! gotta hook me up