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Here's some interesting info i found on pings in a cp book i was reading through...it's directly quoted from the book....
"The butterwort actually produces a form of antibiotic- a drug that destroys germs, or at least stops their growth. This powerful substance is present in the digestive juice of the butterwort, where it's germ-killing properties prevent captured insects from decaying before they are digested. These same germ killing properties make the plant valuable as a medicine. Many years ago, the people of switzerland found that when they rubbed the butterwort leaves directly on the sores of their cattle, the sores healed quickly. Today, many people still use butterwort leaves as a common remedy for certain animal ailments. Dairy farmers of scandinavian countries use butterwort leaves in another way. They add the leaves to crocks of milk. In a short time, the acid in the leaves curdles the milk so that it can be made into cheese."

The book i got this from was written by some european guy a while ago,and while i was reading through it i found some incorrect facts about cp's so i'm not 100%sure that this butterwort thing is correct,but it is still thought provoking.
I have heard of such things, cp helping out humans. Using them as medicine and also in milk.
that sounds like Peter D'amato's book. (Of Peter Paul's nursery in NY)
hmmm...I heard bout that too in Peter D'amatos book and in many others. Lets give it a try!
Yes Ram i think that was it...lol the name sounded european to me....oooops ieieieie
I have one of their books(Carnivorous Plants Of The World), which I don't really like. The author has some very politically incorrect views about field collection, and the book basically gives the same information found in any quality cp book, except it is poorly presented.
If you can only buy one cp book, don't buy it.
I'm sure most cp are grown for their therapeutic value! :biggrin: Chris