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Pings starting to flower.

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey Jaie. The Pings. I bought from you and Phil are starting to flower!! Yay! :cheesy: The flowers apprear to be white or light pink. With this color of the flowers can you tell me if it is the Primulfora,Moranasis,Or Ionatha. Thank You Jaie! Nep.G.
sorry, im not Jaie..but judging by the color..not a ionantha. io's are white w/ purple..mine is flowering now
That is OK C88. Anyways I took a magnifying glass to the developing flower and it is white. Only the out side of the flower is visable at the time. Soo I'll let you all know what the ENTIRE flower color and description is.
The Ping that you got should be the P. Ionanthe.
I say should b/c I had a couple of Primuliflora still kicking around. However...I can say that you did not get a Moranensis. There roots are just to shallow to try and ship them.
Hope this helps. :smile:
As far as I can tell the flowers will be white around the outside. But they now are just starting on thier way up into the air. Nep.G.