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Ping vulgaris or no?

I purchased what is said to be a P. vulgaris it doesn't look like the photos I found online when I did a google search. It's leaves are soft like in the photo below now but in winter they are thicker and stouter and reminding me of a sword blade made of celery stalk! I got one in winter and killed it (I'm not proud) so I'm hoping someone can tell me what to do with it-and what it is!


The above photo is from the website of the shop which sold the plant. Mine looks just like it. The largest specimen they had was about 10" across.

Thanks for any thoughts!
Hi Swords,

The plant below is Pinguicula agnata 'true blue'. What size(diameter) did you receive the plant as?
Thanks CP2K! I will do some googles on that name for care and comparison images.

Mine is about 6-7" across with 3 blooms and it appears as though it is dividing asexually like a cell or something... at the bottom it is obviously one plant but there are two distinct growing points on the top is that normal for this species?
That so called "P.Vulgaris" is sold from the Orchids limited place. I am in search of Vulgaris and am not going to buy it fomr them if it is Agnata! BTW, does anyone know where to get P.Vulgaris? Thanks!
Yes Nep G I did get it from Jerry. I don't mind cos I don't have many pings yet but as soon as I did a websearch on P. vulgaris I knew this was no vulgaris. To me those look like sea stars this looks kind of like a nep with no pitchers or stem. I'll tell Jerry next time I stop by the shop, supposedly I can get an N. Jaquilinae in November... we'll see!