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Ping growing conditions?

Hi all, I need some advice on my pings. I noticed a discusion about coral Ping media. I have some (3) poldinii seedlings that are quite small and don't seem to want to grow! They are in a peat perlite sand dolomite mix. They are under 50% shade-cloth under some shade from trees, and get lightly misted every day for a couple of minutes. Temp is about 20c at the moment but has been cooler for the last month. How do I get these guys to grow?

If these were your plants what would you do?!

Hi George,

I haven't had the chance to grow this sp., but I have grown some of the other temperate sp. High humidity and cool temperatures(day and night) are best for these plants. Check out: A World of Pinguicula
Thanks CP2k, I have had a look at this site "several" times. The problem is that I need to know what to do now, I can't repot them as they are only about 3mm! I can controll the pH and mineral content of the water I use on them though.

What do you think is the best temp range?

How much light should they get?? I can give them everything from cool heavy shade to burn the retinas out of you eyeballs... What kind of watering do they want, once again I can provde almose any situation, just which one is best, tray, overhead etc...

I would recommend cool temperatures(10-25C). I've had some temperate pings form dormant buds when temperatures hit 30'sC. The tray method works fine for me. I usually wait a day before refilling. I grow my temperate pings in lightly filtered morning sun for around 1-2hr and indirect light the rest of the day. I would provide more light, but the temperatures would be too high.
Thanks for that. I have moved the plants into the sun for the moment to try to hurry them along. I will have to work out what to do as it will be well above 30c soon as summer aproaches. I am thinking about setting up an evaporative cooler.