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Pilgrimage to nc botanical gardens


Frakkin Toaster
I'm staying with relatives in the area and decided to give it a look, based on how good a reputation their CP collection seems to have. I was completely amazed!. Pitchers as far as the eye can see! An incredibly beautiful collection, not to mention some absolutely ginormous VFTs. Anyone in the area should definitely go now, especially since many of the sarras still had their flowers. They had nearly every naturally occurring species in existence in addition to a good number of hybrids (though points off for lack of a Judith Hindle). Anyway, I walked in there and thought “It’s like Mecca For CP fans”. It really is quite an experience.

Oh yeah, the were also some other nice plants...
where is this place? I want to go there when I go to NC
It's in Chapel Hill, on the UNC campus. Getting there is a breeze from Durham or Raleigh. They Also have info and Directions on their Website: www.ncbg.unc.edu

The area you're looking for is right behind the Totten Center; it's a series of raised bog gardens containing a LOT of CPs, look closely and you'll even see a few small butterworts!

You might also want to try teh coastal plains and sandhills habitat. I just went to the bog garden, I would've searched out this area but it was 3:30 pm on a sunny day in the middle of summer in North Carolina. All this adds up to crushing heat. BRING WATER!

Let us know how your trip goes. I hope you have as rewarding an experience as I did!
I'm going to North Carolina the end of this week! I heard of the NCBG when I saw a pic from it in The Savage Garden today, and I might go! WOOTWOOT!!!
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Cynic81 @ July 06 2003,03:31)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">They had nearly every naturally occurring species in existence in addition to a good number of hybrids (though points off for lack of a Judith Hindle).[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
In all fairness they've tried growing SX'Judith Hindle' on a few occasions but, it always seems to die. This plant will commonly develop root rot in the NC summer heat. The best specimens I've seen have been greenhouse grown. Perhaps others have made this same observation.
I went there too and it was amazing! They even had al bunch of S. rubra ssp. jonessi! The traps on those flytraps are HUGE!!! I really recomend going there.

P.S. Also go to the poisonous plant exhibit there. It ia really neat.