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Everyone else is sharing so I'll join in.  If the pics don't show up then my computer crashed, check back in the morning when I wake up.

N. Amp in a ten gallong fish tank.

picture 014.jpg

N. Rafflesiana, same tank.

picture 015.jpg

picture 016.jpg

Some pics of a 10 inch pot with N. Ventricosa and what I think is a N. Spectabilis(bad label maintenance on my part).  

picture 008.jpg

picture 009.jpg

picture 012.jpg

Here is N. Maxima x Alata lowlander that was given to me.  Due to condition upon arrival I was forced to cut off both growth points.  But that's ok because it has SEVEN new ones.

picture 007.jpg

And last but not least everyone has one plant that is a non-IDed hybrid from I don't remember where, also in a 10 inch pot.

picture 053.jpg

picture 055.jpg

picture 056.jpg

Thanks for viewing, come back soon.
I believe I've got that last one myself. maxima x ? #2 RED is what I call mine!
I don't know, I'm rather attached to my N. x"unknown"s (All 6 of them) They are constantly surprising me!

Wonderful pics, you have beautiful plants.
Thanks, it is my largest and most beautiful at the moment. The pitures are about 8in tall and growing very very fast. I just wish I knew its exact parentage, it really bothers me not knowing.