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Hey everyone, i finally got a Digital Camera!! its a neat one i got for 44 bucks, some of the pics have real good quality and others are kind of blurred, still need to get used to it, hehe

I was going to post them on here but the site i am using will not let me post pictures on threads, which sucks, sometimes it annoys me to click on a link and look at  the pics, and i love it hwen the pics are right on the thread, but here is the link to my photos page, they are under Cp's and CP's 2, again sorry to have u look threw the links, heh   http://community.webshots.com/scripts/controlPanel.fcgi

i am pretty sure they are all Nepenthes, that is why i posted this thread here

Tell me what you think, Bye
I can't find the pictures?
it says: "You do not appear to be the owner of this album". Evidently we must all have to be under your password and user name to view your photos.
Why not set-up a account on this site and post them here. That's what I do?

Hey, it worked! Nice neps you have there! Keep taking photos, I want to see that bicalc when it opens up!

Keep up the good work! Is that the amp I sent you for your b-day?
Yes its stil lthe same amp, getting big, very slowly, very slowly lol
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Nice plants. I think the DC makes it more fun. You can track the growth over time. It seems a lot more dramatic when you can put the before and after side-by-side.
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Nice Raf, man! Really nice!

Cool to have a camera, eh?