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Pics of outstanding moorei

Here are some pics of two moorei crosses that I have that I wanted to share. I think they are pretty outstanding. What's your opinion and have any of you experienced sarr growers seen mooeri crosses like these?
the jpeg compression is JUST enough to make the tape measure unreadable!
how tall are those plants?

SIZE, SIZE, SIZE! Why is everyone always so caught up in size!? LOL. Sorry about the clarity of the pic yall. I resized the pic so as not to take up the whole discussion forum. Yes, it is at 33" but the pitchers have opened now and the lids have come down. I will have to remeasure. I was wondering if this large size and coloring was typical for a mooeri cross. The pics of the red ones did not download. I'll try again.
wow, those have got to be the coolest and most beautiful Sarracenia I've ever seen!
Will you be offering rhizome divisions for trade in the future?
Hey Brook,

saw the plant earlyer today. yes, it is pretty. i like how the vains run threw the lid of the pitcher but, the one on your web page that is really dark colored is the one i like the best.
Great plant and pictures I belive I have seen the same plant as labled Moorie, the plant had pitchers that were around 30'', didn't have a tape measure on me though. I would say it is Moorie. They are outstanding as you have shown. Beautiful Brooks! Thanks,