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pics of my traps

This is my tank I keep them in. I think I put abit too much dirt in it?


Here is my older terrarium. I have it on the back porch in filter sunlight. I do bring it in form time-to-time and use a hood light. Thought I would share too

View from the front.

View from the top.

There is one Green Dragon VFT among the common VFTs.
Wonderful Sarr on the left side. I wish mine were that fat.
I don't think that's too much soil. Nice plants, though.
I think your plants are excellent! Thanx for sharing! You should be proud of your babies!
The one on the top right was from lowes.  It almost died but I managed to keep it alive.  The bottom right is a full double plant from here, and the rest was bulbs from here.  I had a sundew but it died on me.  I have a cobra lily but I moved it outside cause it was growing too tall and the tops was burning from the bulbs.

I just got 2 flouresent bulbs that screw into the incadesent slots (I probably spelled that wrong).  It puts off enough heat as long as the lid is on, but if the lid is off it stays room temp just about.  The fan is just a old 486 CPU fan that blows air around.  I noticed after I put that fan in the plants growth kinda jumpstarted.  

Those are some VERY healthy looking plants you got there Nick.  I need a better camera.  I guess for 25 bucks I can't complain about it though lol