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Picher Fliud

hey everybody, on all my plabnts i have noticed that they have barely any pitcher fluid, i keep them in the screen so they dont get any bugs from outside, and if they get bugs its always ants, but the itcher fluidl, i dont understand, all of all my nepenthes are lowland. and grow perfectly, except my bical which is slow

well, i duno whats going on, its so huimid here. when i go outside at night for about 2 mins while water i start to sweat, but the night temps are always low 80s upper 70s its just the #### humidity, how come?? thanks
I add water to my pitchers when they get low. I keep them just under half full.
yes i do the same thing

but they always dry out a couple days later......
Sounds like the plants are pulling water from the pitchers to offset moisture loss from respiration. You mention the humidity is high, particularly at night. I suspect that during the day the humidity is much lower and this is when the plants are using the pitcher fluid up. The other possibility is the plants are not getting enough water through the root system to keep up with moisture loss through the leaves. This can be caused by a couple things. There may not be enough moisture available.. ie the roots or too dry. Or perhaps a root system that is too small to really support the mass of the leaves. This could be caused by too small a pot or a root system that is not fully healthy.

i think it may be the moisture part becuase one night i found my raff in the 12" pot the leaves were all droopy and my dad asked if i have been watering them , which i have, i water em everyother day

maybe i should go everyday since during the day it gets kinda dry
but after i watrered the raff at night the next day it was all perky and pback to normal

ill try watrering em everyday cus i get the water from the air conditioning pipe that empties the water

thanks tony
Are the pots on the dry side when you go to water again???

Increasing your watering MAY be the solution but it also MAYNOT. It depends on the size of the plant and pot and the health of the root system. IF the plants are getting droopy or using up water from the pitchers because the roots are not healthy, then watering more would make the problem worse. You might pop one of the plants out of the pot and have a look to see and evaluate.
And hopefully the roots will be healthy. On a sidenote it could also be your humidity is a bit low and temps are high causing the fluid to evaporate. This happened with my N.Merrilliana one time. But overall sounds like you plants are either stressed as the water is being sucked up by them OR they are trying to establish a better root system and may be dehydrated and are using all avialable water.
A bit of a question for myself, but I think it ties in nicely with this topic...

I have my neps in dishes that match their pots, u know the kind i'm talking about, right? The ones that they can come with?

Is that deep enough?
I don't see why not. It is the saucer that came with the pot. I have lots of pots that have all the "snap on" saucers that came with them.
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Nepenthes pitchers are normally not half full with fluid, 1/8 to 1/4 is more normal for bigger ones. Only some special species and most of the baby sized pitchers are filled to half or even more.

When an established plant is not able to stabilize the fluid level in its pitcher by its own, something is definitely wrong with the growing conditions or the plant itself. So adding to Tony's comments you may have a look at these points:
- What soil is used and were they repotted recently?
- How long do the plants grow under the conditions they are in by now - are they new or already established?
- Which water is used for watering?
- How high do temperatures get during the day (maybe in full sun)?

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i water em once every other day, and its damp

that only happeend once, they are in shade,

they look really healthy its just the pitcher fluid i was wondering why they dotn have any, its jus a little tiny bit like joachim said

so over all i think they are fine i just would think theyd have more fluid